Who I Am?

I started on my spiritual and artistic path as a very young child obsessed with angels and reading everything I could get my hands on about angels and spirituality. In my teens, I began seeing auras and was able to distinguish people’s emotions with the changing colors. That ability evolved into seeing people (usually guides) standing behind people and then eventually also evolved into the ability to hear, feel and deliver those messages of love and that we are never alone.  My artistic vision and technique also evolved through personal challenges and divine inspiration.

I worked in the nonprofit profit field for many years doing my spiritual practices (Intuitive readings and Reiki-energy work ), as well as creating my art “on the side”. Through the years, I found others (no coincidences) who also wanted to learn, develop and grow their spiritual practices.

As the daughter of a teacher, my thirst for knowledge is continuous and my philosophy is to learn something new every day.  In the 1980’s, books like Embraced by the Light, Conversations with God, Soul Retrieval, Heal your Soul, and Celestine Prophecy helped me gain more insights into my personal spiritual beliefs and enhanced my skills and knowledge.

Throughout the last 30 years, I have witnessed the heartbreaking grief of the loved ones left behind yet also the tremendous joy of reconnecting them with their loved ones by delivering their messages of hope and love. These messages have touched hearts, generated grief filled sobs, and/or flat out belly laughs. Our PEEPS (our ancestors, people who have passed, and our guides and angels) want us to know we are loved and never alone.

Personal Mission Statement

I am able to deliver inspired manifestations both spiritually and artistically to those who would benefit from messages of love, hope and divine connections.