Join me for online  events and classes!

Intuitive Readings, Energy Clearings are being done online zoom/ on the patio at this time.  Be safe


Art available at the following locations:

Grafton Art Mill Roastery                          Grafton WI

Cedarburg Art Museum                             Cedarburg WI

Cedarburg Cultural Center                       Cedarburg WI

Eclectric Avenue                                         Port Washington WI

Langdon Divers Gallery Virtual               Fond du Lac  WI   (virtual )


Intuitive Art, Intuitive Development and Vision Board classes to be announced


Email me at intuitivebren@gmail.com    bpetersonllc@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Facebook : bmpeterson    /     Instagram:   b_petersonllc             Linkedin:  brendapeterson12
YouTube:  Intuitivebren