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Artist Statement

To enjoy art is food for my soul. To create art is divine. My inspiration comes from life, nature, a word or an emotion. I see a color or an image in my head and release it with a palette knife, canvas (sometimes walls), oil paint and currently spray paint. My love of learning different techniques of coloring outside the box will be a lifelong goal. I love what Emile Zola said “I am an artist, I chose to live out loud.” I hope you enjoy.


Brenda’s the greatest. Attended her vision board meeting last night, and it was nice to chat with her and the other gals about what we want our futures to hold.

Katie Kocheleck,

My Mom and I attended Brenda’s vision board class with the anticipation of having some nice “Mother-Daughter bonding.”  The vision board class was a great way to aid us in our thoughts, hopes and plans for our futures.  Never in our wildest dreams did we expect that during our class Brenda would begin to channel my Father, who passed unexpectedly eight years ago.  Brenda began to sense that she didn’t feel well and was asking us about how my Dad passed.  As our conversation progressed my Dad shared with us topics only we would understand regarding our family.  That day was truly an unexpected gift and we are grateful for Brenda and her gifts which she shared with us that day.

Valerie B,

My reading with Brenda was very fulfilling and spot-on.  She helped explain things to me that I didn't understand and she clarified my visions.   Thanks you for your guidance.

Shannon – Reading,




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