About ten years ago, I  met Brenda at an event, the hostess joined us and struck up a conversation with Brenda about her mother’s dream and the whereabouts of family documents that were needed to settle, I believe, an estate – overseas. While I was observing the conversation, intently, Brenda took note of my keen interest by smiling at me and said, “Oh, I ‘see’ things…” and gave forth a sparkling smile and a little laugh. Brenda relayed unbeknownst, seemingly plucked from the ethers, information to the hostess and something just “super clicked” between the two of them. (The information later turned out to be accurate!)

I was inspired to inquire if she “saw” anything around me. And then, the most magnificent flow of information came forth that simply took away my breath. She told me of a story of my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, and a pin. The family lore about this particular timeline differed from what I had always been told. She then strongly relayed to me that I had the pin, featured in the story, and I in-turn, strongly declined any knowledge of it at all. While I had jewelry from my family ancestry, the description met nothing I knew to be in my possession.
 Speed forward to near seven months later: I was cleaning out a closest that held some of my late mother’s belongings; I had not opened the box since her death in 1993. As I got to the bottom of the box, there was a small leather valise.
Inside the box? The PIN.  I’ll never, ever, forget the epic surge of goosebumps that raced over my skin as I first held the pin in my fingers…wow, just wow!!
 Do not doubt your intuition if wishing for a session – or friendship! – with Brenda. I wholeheartedly believe in Brenda.
Trixie M